Speaker Light Kit

Newest project is a speaker light kit for my new Jurassic Park pinball machine. Inspired from what is available in various pinball shop I thought this can be done better. Lets use these programmable RGB leds based on a 2812 controller chip on each led to have various light effects.

First step

First step was to make room for a 2812 rgb led strip. Its 10mm wide so I ordered acrylic frames from my favorite laser cutter service based on the pdf attached to this article. The diameter is 92mm so it fits perfectly to data east speaker panels but maybe to wpc as well (I have to measure those). I used 4 of these frame in total each 5mm thick so two of them

speaker shade from jp and two acrylic frames

make up the right thickness to put a led strip inside.

two frame together to have room for one strip


Second step

For better stability I glue them together in the right position.

glue the two frames together

Cut the rgb strip after 17 leds which fills the circle almost complete.


Installing leds

Before putting it into the frame solder some wires to the strip, two for power supply, and two for data in and data out. Data out is needed as we are usually need two of these kits each for one speaker and we will simply chain them together.

The strips I used are self-adhesive so its easy to install the strip inside the frames.


As controller for the first proto type I used an arduino. This is the first impression.

Stay tuned for the final installment in my Jurassic Park.

First installment in my JP

Today I finished the first installment in my JP. Controller is not finished yet, jut runs a color cycle sequence, but more will come.

Test program to get all index values for LEDs

Overview for gi installment

Gi Lamps JP


speaker-panel.pdf for acrylic frames

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